Strategic Development

Vadis facilitates real time strategy development and planning for impact.

Learn how to set priorities, focus your energy and resources, align opportunities with core strengths, and ensure your organization remains relevant and effective. Strategy development and planning means an organization must engage in rigorous critical thinking and challenge themselves to become stronger.

Our approach is to dive in deep and gain an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies of the organization’s internal and external environments. This then allows us to provide strategic guidance and help you be responsive in a rapidly changing environment.

We come in at various stages of growth and help not only with the development, but also with the execution of a strategic plan. Our relationships with clients are cyclical in nature and are flexible and adaptive to their needs.

Are you asking yourself...

1. How do we create a strategic plan that actually reflects our reality and works for our organization?
2. What is the best way to determine strategic goals?
3. We have a strategic plan but now what? How do we execute this plan?
4. How will we know if our plan is successful?

We help:

  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Board Members
  • Non-profit Executive Directors
  • Community-based Leaders

Our clients say

“Vadis led our organization through a transformational journey that embraced and valued the tough questions as the primary catalyst for success. We now have a strategic plan that means something.”

– Robert Wyma, Executive Director, 25th Street Fringe Festival

Strategic Development & Planning is a Process

Step 1 - Present State

Assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses and finding opportunities for growth.

Step 2 - Future Goals

Establishing goals that challenge the organization, yet are attainable. This includes determining the organization's competitive advantage.

Step 3 - Reaching Those Goals

Clearly outlining objectives, goals, and the process for execution. Determining key performance indicators and measurements of success.

Step 4 - Analysis of Impact

Determining the impact of the organization’s strategic process on it’s internal and external environments. Revising the process as required.

Benefits of Strategic Development and Planning With Vadis

We employ our approachable and cutting edge style; providing real time and on the ground experience working closely with your organization.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all process and we value the unique and dynamic organizational environment of each partner we work with.

We draw on the experience of our team and establish relationships with key stakeholders in your workplace. We assess your organization and then guide you as you develop, create, and execute a strategic plan that is customized for you.