Leadership Coaching

Vadis builds strong, confident leaders and supports organizational growth

We provide personal and team development opportunities to help organizational leaders plan for and respond to internal and external pressures and changes. We help organizations by acting as an ally and partner as they learn to thrive.

Our team has experience working with boards in various sectors. We guide them through the implementation of successful governance policies to keep the board running smoothly. We also support Board Directors in working effectively with their board members. This can be as simple as knowing how to establish roles and responsibilities and handling the opinions of board members after decisions are made.

We understand that the management and leadership playbook requires more than training courses and degrees and therefore we take a multi-faceted approach in working with our partners. We are able to draw from our skills to provide you with the knowledge, professional development, and/or coaching you require to be a thriving and healthy organization.

Are you asking yourself...

1. How can I be a better leader?
2. How can we create better alignment as a board?
3. What do we need to do to push our organization to the next level?
4. How can I have a more passionate and engaged team?

We help:

  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Board Members
  • Non-profit Executive Directors
  • Individual Employees

Our clients say

The following words describe how it felt working with Vadis; supportive, helpful, clarifying, affirming. They provided an objective, expert perspective and drew from their team members different areas of expertise. This was very useful to us and I would recommend Vadis to other organizations.

– Chantelle Johnson, Executive Director, Classic Law

Personal Development Helps Your Organization Grow


Leadership Coaching is an individualized, collaborative, learning relationship that helps the leader turn knowledge into effective practice.

Enhancing Team Performance

Training is learning focused; providing the organization opportunity to learn a new knowledge or skill.

Board Training & Governance

Boards benefit from efficient facilitation. Proper governance processes enable them to run effectively.

Benefits Coaching & Training With Vadis

As an organizational leader, we can provide you with a safe space to explore and develop your leadership and management skills so you have the confidence to lead your team and your industry/sector.

For Board Directors we inspire the kind of leadership through training and support that will energize and add value to your organization and community.

Our skilled team can provide you with one-on-one support in your personal development, regardless of whether or not we are working within the larger context of your organizational environment.