About Us

Who is Vadis?

Vadis is a team of consultants driven to help & strengthen organizations with complex challenges by facilitating change. We are passionate about helping people, are willing to dive into any situation big or small, and are unafraid of breaking down barriers between business units and individuals.

We have worked locally, provincially and nationally with individuals, groups and leaders within charities, funding bodies, administrators, not-for-profit organizations, private companies and government in the following sectors:

  • Art & Culture
  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Health
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Development
  • Issue Collectives
  • Justice
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Research and development
  • Sector Councils
  • Sports
  • Technology

Studio Sessions

Are you looking for a unique learning opportunity that allows you to increase your confidence and gain professional and personal insight?

Conflict Resolution

Navigating a complex situation in your organization that is causing conflict? Vadis’ team of experts can help you learn how to effectively work through that conflict and build a healthy organization.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching can help take your organization from where it is, to where you want it to be. Organizations thrive under strong and confident leadership. Let Vadis help you.

Meet Our Team

Diane, Jo-Anne, Dennis are the three partners of Vadis bringing with them many years of experience across multiple organizations. They are a diverse and skilled team, passionate about helping create healthy, thriving organizations.

Dennis Chubb

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Dennis is a partner & co-owner of Vadis and is a registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social Workers. He has more than 35 years of public service management and multi-sector project leadership experience in diverse settings. Dennis provides consulting and coaching services to individuals, organizations, communities, and leaders in private, public, and not-for-profit organizations.

What motivates him is working with people, who because of the job they are in, don’t necessarily have that safety net to comfortably challenge issues within their organizational environment. Dennis is passionate about building resilient organizations and adaptive leaders and enjoys being the tether that allows senior managers, executives, and teams to push beyond their current processes and grow and thrive.

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Jo-Anne Cadrin

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As an organizational and community development consultant and therapist, Jo-Anne uses a holistic approach to create healthy interpersonal relationships and effective teams in the workplace. For over 25 years she has worked at various points of intervention (individual – team – leadership), with different groups (private, public, education, non-for-profit) and understands that often ‘people don’t quit their job, they quit the people’.

Jo-Anne believes that to create a healthy workplace involves prevention and intervention at many levels. That is why her work ranges from supporting leaders in creating a healthy workplace culture; to strengthening teams around effective communication and behavior; to conflict resolution between co-workers.

A partner & co-owner of Vadis, Jo-Anne is a Registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social Workers. She is also a member of Saskatchewan Conflict Resolution.

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Diane Fletcher

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Diane’s diverse experience and interests allow her to help communities, organizations, and individuals to explore, converse, and work together in ways that are truthful, courageous, and bold. Her work encompasses organizational development, governance and change facilitation. A consultant and facilitator for 24 years, Diane has served a wide variety of organizations across sectors.

A partner & co-owner of Vadis, Diane is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, Organizational Development Network, International Association of Coaching and the Alliance for Nonprofit Management working with other consultants, academics, funders and professionals to strengthen practices and the field of capacity building.

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